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Prepaid phone plans/services reviewed:

Boost Mobile
$1/day chat plan includes unlimited nights and weekends.
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Cricket Prepaid
Prepaid service from $30 with unlimited calls.
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GoPhone from AT&T
Unused minutes rolled over to next month, low rates nationwide, recharge account online or over the phone.
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Unlimited minutes from $30/month.
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Net10 by Tracfone
Simple plans with 10 cents/min for all domestic calls and 5 cents per text message.
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One SIM Card
International prepaid cell phone SIM card, works in over 150 countries, low rates.
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T Mobile Prepaid
Pay By The Day option gives you unlimited nationwide minutes from 7pm to 7am for $1 daily fee.
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Verizon Prepaid
99/cents per day for unlimited in network calls.
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What are prepaid or pay as you go cell phones

Prepaid phones are used by people who prefer total control over their wireless bills and who don't use a cell phone on a regular basis. With these plans you prepay for your airtime and when talk minutes are up you can buy additional ones easily. With the increased competition among prepaid wireless providers, these pay as you go plans come with many features included such as voicemail or text messages. The main downside of prepaid vs one year contract plans is the nicer and most of the time free phone that comes with the latter.

Advantages of prepaid cell

  • No term contracts
  • No monthly bills
  • Pay for minutes only