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Prepaid calling cards reviewed:

Cards can be used either from the US or from many other countries.
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Very low rates for cards with a maintenance fee.
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Enjoy Prepaid
Service provided by Nobelcom.
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Local Phone
Low rates, low minimum recharges.
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Reliable service, 24/7 live phone support.
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High rated quality service from iBasis, low international rates.
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Easy signup, low rates, quality calls.
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Lowest international rates, instant PIN delivery via email.
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Monthly billed calling cards reviewed:

Calling card facts

Also more informally known as phone cards these products are very popular in the US and around the world for providing a low cost, easy to use calling solution for both domestic and international calls. There are 2 main types of calling cards:

  • prepaid
  • monthly billed

A prepaid phone card can be used by paying for it in advance. Many people prefer to use these services for the convenience of getting exactly what they pay for with no contracts, agreements, etc. Also prepaid cards come with very low rates, especially for calls to international destinations. See our prepaid cards buying tips for more info on these products.

Monthly billed or postpaid calling cards are preferred by people who feel more comfortable getting billed once per month for their calls, without having to pay anything in advance. Many postpaid cards are attached to a long distance plan and billed on the same account.