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Phone service reviews

Cell phone plans

We review wireless carriers and online resellers of cellular plans alike.

International calling services

On this page we review a number of services focused on international calling. Among them: prepaid calling cards, unlimited international plans and more.

Local phone service

Local dial tone providers available in your area, courtesy of WhiteFence.

Long distance plans

Traditional 1+ direct dial long distance service at the cheapest rates provided by companies such as Opex Communications, Pioneer Telephone to name but a few.

Toll free numbers

US domestic and international toll free providers are presented in this section.

VoIP companies

The VOIP industry is growing every day with the availability of high speed Internet connections in most US and Canadian homes. Internet phone service providers such as or Packet8 are among the services we review.

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Consumer info

US and Canadian area codes

International country codes

Telecom blog

Telecom news

Helpful articles

Phone bill charges list

Learn what charges you can expect to find on your telephone bill.

911 calls and VoIP service

Read about limitations when dialing an emergency 911 call using a VoIP line.

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Phone scams to avoid

Placing unaware international calls

Also known as the 809 scam this practice results in uneducated consumers placing unaware international calls. Reason: some area codes that look familiar actually belong to foreign countries such as the Dominican Rep. or Jamaica.


Slamming refers to the unauthorized change of someone's telephone service to another long distance provider.

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