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Cell phones are very popular these days for 2 reasons: convenience of being able to carry them wherever you go and affordability. With the increased competition and technological advances it is no longer expensive to subscribe to one or more providers. Even more convenient are family cell phone plans, providing additional savings for families using at least two wireless phones.

Cell phone retailers reviewed:

Largest online wireless retailer. Features cellular services from all carriers.
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Cell phone carriers reviewed:

Rollover minutes, official iPhone reseller.
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Credo Mobile
Uses the Sprint Nextel network.
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Sprint PCS
The Sprint Everything plans includes all services for $99/month.
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T Mobile
Most advanced Family Plans.
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Verizon Wireless
Claims to be the most reliable wireless network.
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Why choose online cell phone deals?

Due to lower costs and taxes, online cell phone stores are generally able to offer much better deals than those found at a brick and mortar locations. In addition, when shopping online you are provided the tools necessary to compare between a large number of plans/phones/wireless carriers.

Cell phones and stress

While extremely useful cell phones can also add to the amount of stress that comes with modern lifestyle. Carrying a cell phone with you is like being at the office everywhere you go. Our advice: try to leave your cell at home when you don't really need it (gym workout etc).