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Internet phone plans/VoIP companies reviewed:

Plans from $7.95/month.
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Packet 8
$24.99 for unlimited calls throughout North America, E911 provided, money back guarantee.
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Phone Power
Over 50% discount if you prepay for service ($10/month for unlimited calls and 25 features).
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Low cost for international calls from your computer.
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$19.95 for unlimited calls, free shipping and phone adapter.
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What is VoIP phone service?

Also known as broadband/Internet phone service, this type of calling solution takes advantage of an existing connection to the Internet. With the help of a so called "phone adapter" you can use your current telephone device to place calls via the Internet. Apart from technical details regarding how calls are transmitted, you will place telephone calls the exact same way you do with traditional wired phone service. All you need is a broadband or high speed connection to the Internet: cable or DSL. Internet phone calls can not be used with dial up connections because these are too slow and calls might get interrupted.

Advantages of Internet phone plans:

  • For a low monthly fee you can place unlimited local, long distance, and with some plans even international calls
  • You can pick any area code regardless of location (this way you can turn long distance into local calls for someone calling you from out of state, or from other country)


  • When power goes out you can not make or receive calls
  • Some broadband phone companies do not provide 911 service