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Toll free services reviewed:

Virtual Phone System solution, includes toll free and local number.
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Stand alone forwardable service (advanced real time online forwarding of your number to your cell, home phone, office), 6.9 cents/min all US48 calls, many features included, vanity toll free numbers available
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Power Net Global
Stand alone forwardable toll free service, rates from 3.9 cents/min state to state, low instate charges, 24/7 support.
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Switched service (must use Opex for outbound long distance calls), state to state from 2.7 cents/min, low instate rates
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UWT international toll free numbers
Toll free numbers in over 40 countries ringing to any country
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What is a toll free service?

Also known as 1-800 service, a toll free telephone number allows people to call you at no cost to them. Instead you will pay for the calls received. While toll free numbers are used mostly for business purposes, they are also popular among people who, for one reason or another need to be able to receive calls at no cost to the caller (parents receiving calls from their children, etc). For more information see our Useful facts on toll free service page.

Types of toll free plans:

There are two types of service:

  • stand alone plans
  • switched plans

A stand alone toll free plan can be used without having to switch your current long distance provider to the company providing the toll free service.

With a switched toll free program you are required to also use the company providing your toll free number for outbound long distance calls. As an incentive, rates are usually lower with this type of service.