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7.9 cents/min or unlimited usage for a monthly fee, fully automated, access from 30 countries at no additional cost.
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Facts on conference calling

A conference calling service is a complex type of telephone service used for communication between more than 2 people. Basically there are two main types of conference:

  • one person talks and the other people on the call listen only
  • all people on the call can be heard

Depending on the purpose of using conference calling the service can be set up to work in many different ways. For example, many businesses use conference calling to set up employee meetings without having to gather all people in the same room. Employees can simply dial a designated number and join in. They can usually press a button to request saying something.

Conference calls are also used by families wanting to discuss important matters or simply trying to get together without having to travel.

3 Way Calling

The most basic type of conference calling is 3 Way Calling. This service is provided by most long distance companies and it allows a 3rd person to join a telephone call. Using this service does not require signing up for a conference calling plan.