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The services below all have one thing in common: they provide affordable international calling rates. From calling cards to dial around services, and from prepaid long distance to international callback, all these calling plans focused on international calling can be a good choice for people dialing abroad. We picked these services for their quality, low rates, and clean offerings.

For calls originating in the US you can also use our International Rate Search tool to compare between different plans.

Prepaid services

People who use prepaid phone cards want a practical, no strings attached calling solution. Rates are generally very low with these services.

Rebtel international calling service
Low rates, quality service, mobile applications available.
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Tel 3 prepaid long distance
Prepaid service featuring very low rates, no extra charges, up to 473 free minutes with signup. Sample rates: China 2.7¢, Hong Kong 2.1¢, Indonesia 6¢, Iraq Baghdad 28¢.
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VOX Call
Prepaid service from SpeedyPIN.
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Monthly billed services

These services are for people who like the convenience of being able to call as much as they want without paying in advance.

Power Dial
Dial around service from Power Net Global, no switching required, no extra fees, sample rates: Canada 3.7¢, China 4.5¢, France 4.3¢, monthly billed.
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UWT Callback
Use this service to make calls FROM ABROAD. Low US rates for calls made from any country, completely automated service, no extra fees.
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Unlimited international calling plans

Many VoIP providers now offer unlimited plans that can be used for international calls to certain countries. These plans are designed for people who call a lot and would rather pay a fixed monthly fee without worrying about per minute rates.

Packet 8
$29.99 for calls in North America and to 40 countries.
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Unlimited plans for calls from your computer to fixed lines in many countries.
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VoIP Your Life
$29.97 unlimited calls for US, Canada and 30 more countries.
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New $29.99 plan allows unlimited US domestic calls and to over 60 countries.
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How to dial international calls

To make international calls from the US or Canada you must dial: 011 (US exit code) + country code + phone number. Visit this comprehensive Country codes guide for detailed info on how to dial any country.

One important fact we always warn our visitors about: expect to pay much more for calls to international cellular numbers. See this Wikipedia List of international mobile codes for more info.