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VOX Call is a new international calling service provided by SpeedyPIN - a well known prepaid calling card company we review on the calling cards page.

VOX call is a more updated version of SpeedyPIN's offerings. International calling services have evolved over the past few years and prepaid calling cards are somewhat antiquated phone services today. VOX Call is a modern service promoted via an intuitive, clean and complete website. Features provided are also in line with what other companies offer these days: PINLess dialing, web call details, local and toll free access numbers.

I sincerely recommend this service because it is offered by a pioneer in the international calling industry, plus I have been in touch with some of SpeedyPIN's employees for many years so I kind of trust them to offer quality services.

Service highlights

Call origination

VOX Call can be used for calls from the US (Alaska and Hawaii included), Canada, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Sample rates per minute

Argentina 1.2¢, Australia 2.5¢, Brazil 1.9¢, Mexico 2.1¢, Portugal 3¢, Switzerland 2.9¢

Access numbers

Local and toll free access numbers provided for US48 origination, toll free access numbers only from all other locations; for toll free access extra charges apply.

Billing increments

1 minute.

Minimum prepaid amount

$5 for initial purchase and $10 for recharges.

Prepaid credit expiration

Minutes expire 6 months from last use.


Online call details, PINLess dialing for up to 9 registered phone numbers used to place calls. QuickDial feature lets you assign a local number to an international number - to conect you will dial just the local number.

Other fees

No extra fees apply.

Coupon codes

10% discount for visitors of CallingBargains.com who decide to become VOX Call customers. To get your discount use Coupon code CALLINGBARGAINS10 until 06/30/2012.

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