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1 900 numbers
Learn what 900 Pay Per Call numbers are and how to avoid unwanted charges associated with these services.

911 and VoIP service
Learn about limitations of VoIP service when dialing an emergency call.

Block caller ID
How to block caller ID and other caller ID blocking information.

Callback service
Callback is a smart way to call any country from any country at US rates.

Cell phone radiation
There is no scientific evidence that proves that wireless phone usage can lead to cancer or a variety of other problems, including headaches, dizziness or memory loss.

Cellular phones and pacemakers
Can implanted electronic cardiac pacemakers be affected by nearby radiofrequency devices such as cellular telephones or microwaves?

Cellular telephone number portability
Facts on wireless portability.

Charges on your phone bill
A list describing every charge found on a telephone bill.

DSL vs Cable
They both offer a much faster Internet connection than your old dialup service. All at affordable prices. But which one is the best choice? Which one is your best choice?

Glossary of telecommunications terms

Inmate telephone service
Find out why calls from correctional institutions incur high charges.

Prepaid phone cards info
Some useful facts and tips regarding prepaid calling cards.

Surcharges for international calls to wireless phones
Calls to an overseas cell phone are generally charged much higher rates than calls to a regular wireline number.

Toll free numbers
Information on toll free services - what they are, how they work, types of toll free numbers.

TTY devices
Learn what TTY or TDD devices are and how they work.