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Metro PCS is a prepaid wireless provider based in Dallas, TX. Founded in 2002 Metro PCS has become an important player in the US prepaid cellular market with aproximately 5 million customers as of 2008. The company targets highly populated US areas - Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, and many more.

This provider has unlimited plans only with offers from $30/month for unlimited local minutes. Also, we should point out that we couldn't find many complaints about this company at the time of this review.


Metro PCS operates on CDMA technology in the 1900 MHz PCS and 1700 MHz AWS band. See coverage map.

Service highlights


All MetroPCS plans feature: unlimited local calls, unlimited nationwide long distance, Caller ID and Call Waiting.

  • $30/month - features above + MetroPCS Unlimited Nationwide (extended coverage) and Voicemail package
  • $35/month - this plan doesn't have the 2 extra features offered with the previous plan; you can add the following: unlimited text messages for $3/month, unlimited 411 calls for $2/month, unlimited call forwarding for $5/month, tones, etc
  • $40/month - everything above + unlimited text and picture messages, unlimited web access, Metro Chat (walkie talkie feature)
  • $45/month - everything above + unlimited global texting, unlimited 411 calls, unlimited email access and IM messages, and many other included features


Although not included with all plans here are some interesting features offered: instant messaging, social networking access ('LOOPT), MapQuest Mobile, 'GreetMe Tones' and more.

When traveling

There is a 'TravelTalk' option you must activate when traveling to another area. If it is an area covered by MetroPCS you will be able to use your unlimited minutes. However, if you will travel in a non covered area you will pay 19¢/min plus tax for each minute.

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