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Cricket Communications is part of the Nasdaq traded Leap Wireless International, Inc., a telecom company based in San Diego, CA. Cricket was founded in 1999 and provides prepaid wireless service in select US markets.

Cricket uses an all digital CDMA network.

In a few words we can say that the Cricket offerings are clearly explained on their website and only include useful, no nonsense features.

Service highlights

Premium Extended Coverage

This feature, included with some Cricket plans, extends the Cricket calling area to over 4600 cities across the US thus helping subscribers avoid roaming charges. The feature is also offered as an addon.

Free texting to Mexico

One interesting feature included with some Cricket plans.


See coverage map.

Cricket Plans

PayGo Plans

With the PAYGo prepaid plans from Cricket you can pay $1, $2 or $3 per day only for the days when you use your phone. Unless stated otherwise, the PAYGo plans include: unlimited local calls, 39¢/min roaming, $1/call for 411 Directory assistance, $1/day unlimited mobile web, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling.

  • $1/day - 10¢/min long distance
  • $2/day - unlimited long distance, unlimited Premium Extended Coverage, unlimited US & International texting, unlimited US picture messages
  • $3/day - everything in the $2/day plan above + unlimited mobile web, unlimited 411 Directory Assistance

Individual Monthly Plans

The fixed monthly rate plans have a $15 activation fee. Unless otherwise stated these include: unlimited local calls, Caller ID, 39¢/min roaming.

  • $30/month - $1/call Directory Assistance
  • $40/month - unlimited long distance (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada), unlimited US & Mexico texting, unlimited US picture&video messages, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail and 3-Way Calling
  • $45/month - same as previous plan + unlimited mobile web, 411 calls and Premium Extended Coverage
  • $50/month - same as previous plan + unlimited international texting, 30 US roaming minutes
  • $60/month - same as previous plan with 200 US roaming minutes

Family Monthly Plans

This is rather new for prepaid cellular services - family plans. Currently offered are 3 plans, all including unlimited local and long distance calls, text messages, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling, $5/month per line Mobile Web with 411 calling can be added.

  • $99/month - 3 lines
  • $132/month - 4 lines
  • $165/month - 5 lines

Broadband Plans

Cricket offers an unlimited broadband Internet plan to be used with a computer. Although discounts are available, you must purchase a modem. Usage is unlimited, although transfer speed may decrease if you go over 5GB/month.

  • $40/month - unlimited 3G broadband Internet usage

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