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One Sim Card is a product offered by Long Distance Post, LLC, a Massachusetts based telecom company founded in 1994. Services offered by this company are available nationwide.

What is an international SIM card?

Most cell phones operate using a SIM card inserted in the back of your cellular device. This card is like a bridge between your cell phone and your wireless carrier. Without it the phone is useless.

The SIM cards from One Sim Card work internationally. This means that, by replacing your current SIM card with the one from One Sim you can place international calls while traveling abroad. This way rates paid will be much lower than what you would pay if you activated roaming service through your current wireless carrier.

Service highlights

Works in 150 countries

No monthly bills, no card expiration date

Free incoming calls

Calls and text messages received are entirely free.

Savings compared to roaming

OneSim claims 85% savings on your calls when compared to roaming charges by major US carriers.


$10 initial credit.