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Boost Mobile originates in Australia where it was first launched in 2000. In 2001 the service was brought to the United States being launched as a local prepaid phone service available in California and Nevada. In 2003 Nextel Corporation bought the company and currently Boost Mobile is the prepaid service brand for Sprint Nextel.

Service highlights

Boost Mobile Plans

  • Pay As You Go - All calls and text messages (including international texting) are 10¢/min. Picture, audio and video messages are 25¢/message. Mobile web is 35¢/day for unlimited usage, nationwide Walkie-Talkie within the Boost/Nextel network is $1/day for unlimited calls.
  • Daily Chat&Text ($1/day) - $1/day for unlimited Night&Weekend calls (9pm to 7am). Daytime airtime is 10¢/minute. Unlimited anytime calls to Boost and Sprint Nextel subscribers. Unlimited nationwide text messaging. Received international texts are also free, 10¢/message to send. 25¢/message for audio, video and picture messaging. 35¢/day for unlimited mobile web. $1/day for unlimited in network Walkie-Talkie communication.
  • Monthly Unlimited ($50/month) - Unlimited anytime nationwide calls in any network mobile or fixed (voicemail included), unlimited text, audio, video and picture messages, unlimited Boost Mobile Walkie Talkie calls, unlimited Mobile Web, international text messages are free to receive and 10¢/message to send.

Features included

VoiceMail, Caller ID, Directory Assistance at $1.29 per call.

Nationwide Boost® Walkie-Talkie

Being owned by Sprint Nextel, Boost Mobile boasts:-) the fastest Push to talk network in America. This service can be used with any of the 3 plans above.

Maintaining your service

To maintain your Boost Mobile service active and avoid losing your phone number you must recharge at least once every 90 days to keep your balance from expiring. If you reach a zero balance you must recharge in 60 days maximum. Reactivating your account costs $10.


Being owned by Sprint Nextel this service is available nationwide. Here's a detailed Boost Mobile coverage map in PDF format.

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