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Like all big US cellular providers Verizon too offers several prepaid packages in addition to their postpaid plans. The prepaid service from Verizon used to be known as FreeUp, EasyPay and later INpulse. Now it's just Verizon Wireless Prepaid (probably easier to market since the core brand is already very popular in this country).

The prepaid plans from Verizon seem to be designed to complement their postpaid packages, the unlimited calling to other Verizon subscribers being the most popular feature.


CDMA (IS-95, 1x, and EV-DO).

Service highlights


Verizon Prepaid Basic - all calls are 25 cents/min and all text messages 20 cents/message.

Verizon Prepaid Core - probably the most used plan, 99 cents/day access fee for days when you use your phone, unlimited calls to other Verizon subscribers, 10 cents/min for other calls, 10 cents per text message.

Verizon Prepaid Plus - $1.99/day access fee, unlimited calls to Verizon subscribers, unlimited night & weekend minutes, 5 cents/min and 5 cents/message.

Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Talk - $3.99/day access fee, unlimited calls, 1 cent per text message.

Verizon Prepaid Messaging bundles - $10/month for unlimited messages to other Verizon Wireless subscribers + 250 national messages; $20/month for unlimited messages to any US mobile subscriber.

Features included

3 Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Carry Over Balance, Games, Ringtones, No Answer/Busy Transfer, Voicemail.

Other features available

Ringback Tones, Picture and Video Messaging, Mobile Web, etc.

Maintaining your service

Refill amounts will provide service between 30 days and one year depending on the amount charged ($15 to $100).

Calls to Mexico

As with most cellular providers Verizon charges high international rates. However, for calls to Mexico landlines the rate is just 10 cents/min.

International Roaming

Verizon prepaid plans feature roaming in Mexico (99 cents/min), Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands (69 cents/min), Bermuda ($1.99/min).


See link above and look for the coverage map.


You can refill your prepaid account online or in Verizon stores nationwide.

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