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GoPhone is the prepaid cellular service offered by AT&T Mobility in the USA. When Cingular purchased AT&T in 2004 a second prepaid plan was introduced in addition to the classic GoPhone Prepaid. This plan called GoPhone Pick Your Plan is a combination between a postpaid and prepaid plan charging a fixed monthly fee. The Rollover Balance feature allows GoPhone subscribers to keep unused minutes provided they recharge their account on time.

Technology and coverage

GSM 850 MHZ band. See coverage map.

Service highlights

Included with all GoPhone plans are: Voicemail, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, national long distance not charged extra, Rollover Balance (unused balance is not lost if you recharge on time).

Pay As You Go Plans

  • $.25 Simple Plan - 25¢/min anytime
  • $1 Mobile to Mobile - $1/day (only for days when you use the phone) for unlimited mobile to mobile calls, 10¢/min anytime
  • $3 Unlimited Calling - $3/day (for days when you use the phone) for unlimited anytime calls

Monthly Plans

  • $29.99/month - 200 anytime minutes, 15¢/min thereafter
  • $39.99/month - 300 anytime minutes, 500 Night&Weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile, 13.3¢/min additional airtime
  • $49.99/month - 400 anytime minutes, 3000 Night&Weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile, 12.5¢/min additional airtime
  • $69.99/month - 650 anytime minutes, unlimited Night&Weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile, 10.8¢/min additional airtime

Services that cost extra

  • Messages - 20¢/message, sent or received, including IM messages; 25¢/message for multimedia messages; 25¢/20¢ to send and receive international text messages
  • Data - 1¢/kb
  • Mexico roaming - available on all phones at 99¢/min for calls and 50¢/20¢ per sent and received message respectively, $1.30/25¢ per sent and received picture message, 1.95¢/kb for data transfers


  • 200 text & IM messages - $4.99
  • 1000 text & IM messages - $9.99
  • Unlimited text & IM messages - $19.99
  • 1MB of data - $4.99
  • 100MB of data - $19.99
  • Unlimited Night&Weekend minutes - $19.99 (with the $1/day plan only)

Maintaining your service

With the Pay As You Go service recharges will buy you service as follows: $15 will maintain service for 30 days, $25, $50 and $75 for 90 days and $100 for one year.

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