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Net10 is a brand belonging to Tracfone - the largest US prepaid wireless service provider with over 10 million subscribers. Tracfone was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Miami, FL. The company is a subsidiary of Mexico based America Movil - one of the largest wireless service providers in the world (ranking 4th as of 2008).

Tracfone established the Net10 brand to offer simple prepaid cellular plans. 10 means 10 cents/min - all US minutes are charged 10 cents.


Net 10 uses Tracfone's GSM band for voice and text messaging. No data services are offered.

Service highlights


All Net10 plans include anytime national minutes. There are no extra charges for long distance/roaming within the USA. Text messages are 5 cents/min.

  • Easy Minutes 150 ($15/month) - 150 minutes
  • Easy Minutes 250 ($25/month) - 250 minutes
  • Easy Minutes 400 ($40/month) - 400 minutes
  • Net10 Unlimited ($79.98/month) - Unlimited minutes in any US network and unlimited text messages

Airtime left displayed on the phone's screen

This is a useful feature - you can easily see how many minutes you have left on the phone's screen without having to dial a number.


This service does not provide data services.

International calls

Net10 has two interesting international calling options you can add free of charge to your account:

  • International long distance - calls to around 60 countries will cost regular airtime + 5¢/min extra
  • International neighbors - with this option you are assigned 3 local numbers in Mexico/Canada; by calling these numbers, people from Mexico and Canada respectively are able to place local calls that are instantly redirected to your Net10 phone. They don't incur international charges, you are charged regular airtime only

Maintaining your service

Adding airtime to your Net10 plan extends your service as follows: 200 minutes/$20/30 days, 300 minutes/$30/60 days, 450 minutes/$45/90 days, 600 minutes/$60/120 days, 1000 minutes/$100/180 days, 2000 minutes/$200/1 year, 5000 minutes/$400/2 years.

Current promo

Currently Net10 credits every new account with 300 free minutes and shipping is free for orders totalling $19.99 or more.


Due to its using the Tracfone GSM network this service is available nationwide.

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