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Also known as TMobile To Go this is a prepaid service offered by TMobile USA. A novelty is the Sidekick plan focused on messaging and emails (see details below).


GSM 1900 MHZ band.

Service highlights


T Mobile Pay By The Day is the more popular/convenient prepaid service from this provider. For $1/day charge (for days when you use the phone) you get unlimited nationwide minutes from 7pm to 7am, unlimited anytime minutes within the TMobile network and 10 cents/min for other calls.

T Mobile Pay As You Go is a classic prepaid plan that allows prepaying for $10, $25, $50 and $100 of usage. Each plan includes a number of minutes: 30, 130, 400 and 1000 respectively. No unlimited minutes are included for calling other TMobile numbers. The Pay As You Go plans provide more control over calling costs.

T Mobile Sidekick - for $1/day includes unlimited domestic emails, text messages, IM and web browsing.

Features included

Nationwide long distance, Nationwide roaming on the T-Mobile USA Network, VoiceMail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, email address (your number@tmomail.net).

More features available

Text and picture messaging, international dialing, Games, etc.

Maintaining your service

With the Pay As You Go plan: 3 months for all recharge amounts except for the $100 recharge which gives you a full year availability for your balance.

International Roaming

T Mobile prepaid plans feature roaming in Mexico and Canada at $1.49 and $0.69 per minute respectively.


See coverage map.


Prepaid cards or over the phone. Click here to recharge.

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