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Opex Communications was founded in 1998 and is a company providing a broad array of telecom services from direct dial long distance to wireless services, and from VoIP calling to dial up Internet. Opex stands for OPerationally EXcellent, suggesting the company's will to provide quality services backed by good support at low costs. We have featured Opex on our website for 4 years and haven't had any complaints so far.

For 1+ long distance Opex uses the nationwide fiber optic networks from Qwest and Global Crossing. This means that you will make calls using the same lines as you would when using a bigger name in the telephone industry.

Service highlights:


2.7 cents per minute Tier A interstate rate.

Billing increments

6 second with 18 seconds minimum per call, 30 seconds minimum per call for international calls.

Toll free service

Provided, same rates listed above apply; $2 monthly fee per first toll free line, 53 cents per additional lines.

Other fees

If monthly usage is under $20, a $2 fee will apply.


100 free minutes provided (usable within 6 months)

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