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Cell phone radiation - harmful or not?

Cell phones are suspected of being harmful because they use RF radiation, a type of energy that can cause human tissue to heat rapidly. For example, microwaves function based on the same type of energy. However, the level of RF radiation used by cell phones is much lower (FCC regulated), and for these levels studies haven't shown any conclusive evidence that human tissues might suffer. There is no scientific evidence that the use of cell phones can cause cancer or any other health problems. Many organizations in the US and abroad are funding thorough studies regarding the effect of mobile radiation on human health.

Cell phone radiation exposure limits set by the FCC:

As a preventive measure, the FCC Federal Communications Commission has set minimum requirements for levels of RF radiation emited by cellular and PCS devices sold in the US. The FCCs guidelines specify exposure limits in terms of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR is a measure of the rate that RF energy is absorbed by the body. For exposure from mobile phones, the allowable SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg), as averaged over one gram of tissue. All wireless devices sold in the US must first demonstrate compliance with these minimum requirements.

For the latest info on this issue visit: fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety, fda.gov/cdrh/phones, World Health Organization