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How to block your caller ID

By blocking your caller ID you choose not to display your telephone number to people you call. This feature is available for calls to all numbers except Emergency Calls. You can choose to block your number for just one call or for all calls made from your line.

Per call ID blocking

  • to block your caller ID number and/or name from being displayed on someone else's caller identification device dial * 6 7 before dialing the actual phone number
  • remember that this option applies only to one single phone call, therefore, you should dial * 6 7 for every call you want your ID blocked

Per line ID blocking

  • by selecting this option you can block your caller ID for all calls made from a chosen line
  • contact your phone company to request per line blocking
  • to make your number and/or name available again you must dial * 8 2 before the actual number; note that in this case you must dial * 8 2 for every call you want your ID to show

Caller ID blocking and toll free numbers

  • when you make a toll free call the recipient might be able to identify your number using a sistem called Automatic Number Identification (ANI) despite your blocking your caller ID
  • companies are not allowed to use or distribute your phone number
  • companies are also required to inform you that your phone number is transmitted to them