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Credo Mobile is a smaller postpaid cellular provider that uses the Sprint Nextel network for calls/data transfers. The brand belongs to Credo, former Working Assets - a San Francisco, CA based long distance and wireless provider that has been on the market since 1985.

This company donates a portion of its revenue to non profit organizations and according to their corporate website they have donated $67 million since 1985. The name Credo suggests that the company supports certain causes. The organizations to provide support to are chosen by Credo subscribers in a yearly poll.

Plans offered are pretty average starting at $29.99/month. Phones available are not many however.

Technology, roaming and coverage

Using the Sprint Nextel network the Credo mobile technology is CDMA. Here's a detailed Credo Mobile coverage map.

Service highlights


Credo has some interesting promos, offering to credit early termination fees of up to $200 for moving to Credo from another carrier. Some average camera phones are also offered free of charge.


Small selection of wireless phones available.

Current Credo Mobile plans

Unless stated otherwise, all Credo wireless plans include: unlimited Night&Weekend minutes, no extra charges for long distance, unlimited calls to other Credo subscribers, no domestic charges for roaming, 45 ¢/min additional airtime, 20 ¢ /text message, 1¢/kb data usage, $1.49 per call for Directory Assistance.

With the myCommunity option you can place unlimited calls to/from 5 favorite domestic numbers of any network. This option costs $10 and can be added to any Individual/Family plan below except for the two unlimited plans.

Individual plans

  • 200 anytime minutes ($29.99)
  • 450 anytime minutes ($39.99)
  • 600 anytime minutes ($49.99)
  • 900 anytime minutes ($59.99) - 40 ¢/min additional airtime
  • 1350 anytime minutes ($79.99) - 35 ¢/min additional airtime
  • Unlimited anytime minutes ($99.99)

Family plans

All Credo Family plans include 2 lines. You can upgrade to 5 lines maximum at $9.99/month per each additional line.

  • 550 anytime minutes ($59.99)
  • 700 anytime minutes ($69.99)
  • 1400 anytime minutes ($89.99) - additional airtime is 40 ¢/min
  • 2100 anytime minutes ($109.99) - additional airtime is 35 ¢/min
  • 3000 anytime minutes ($149.99) - - additional airtime is 25 ¢/min
  • 4000 anytime minutes ($199.99) - additional airtime is 20 ¢/min
  • 6000 anytime minutes ($299.99) - additional airtime is 20 ¢/min
  • Unlimited anytime minutes ($199.99) - additional lines cost $99.99/month per line